Jagoda Siemaszko, MSc, and Anna Andrzejczak, MSc, were honored at the “50 Shades of Immunology – School of Immunology”

We are pleased to announce that PhD students Jagoda Siemaszko, MSc (Laboratory of Clinical Immunogenetics and Pharmacogenetics IIET PAS) and Anna Andrzejczak, MSc (Laboratory of Genetics and Epigenetics of Human Diseases IIET PAS) received Travel Grants during the “50 Shades of immunology – School of Immunology” organized by the Polish Society of Experimental and Clinical Immunology in Białystok. Awarded were abstracts entitled: “Evaluating the balance between surface expression of inhibitory and activating NK cell receptors and soluble forms of their ligands in CMV infection after allogeneic HSCT” (Siemaszko J. et al.) and “Role of BTLA and HVEM in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma” (Andrzejczak A. et al.).

More: https://www.immunoschool.ptidik.com/travelgrants